What About My Wedding Rings?

It wasn’t until 1 1/2 years after the loss of my husband that I finally had peace about taking off my wedding rings and eternity ring.  After almost 37 years, they were so much a part of me and the disconnect was very difficult.

For a long time I been thinking about what to do with them and came up with the idea to take all 3 rings along with my Mother’s ring to the jeweler.  I asked him if he could take the diamonds and birthstones out, melt all 4 of the rings together, and create 1 special ring that tells our love story using the diamonds and all 4 birthstones.  He didn’t even hesitate to say “Yes”.

On a very small corner of a piece of paper, I had drawn up a design that would work with the number and size of diamonds and birthstones that were set in all of my rings. I am not an artist or a design person, but I decided on a whim to just show it to the jeweler to get his reaction. His immediate response was, “I couldn’t have drawn up a better design myself”. I was so astounded because I immediately knew that God had given me that ring design and this was the ring that I was to have to put back on my left ring finger and wear as a remembrance of the love, marriage and family that I was so blessed to have with Bob.

Because the design is so unusual, it is noticed many times and has become a way for me to share my story. I call it my “Love Story” ring. How truly blessed I was to have this imperfect, yet, “perfect man for me” in my life for as long as I did.

Our Family

4 responses

  1. That’s a very special thing to do, Candy. I can’t wait to see the finished ring.

    I love the photo collage of Bob, and I can see that you had a beautiful life and family together. Your daughters and grandchildren are a big part of his legacy, and the love you and he had together will live on as well.


  2. This was a huge crossroad for me, too. Take your time, as I know you will, and you won’t regret it. God is changing your life in beautiful ways and your rings will reflect that while keeping the precious value of your love for Bob and his for you.


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