Meet Joy Fowler

Joy was in two of the Widow’s Walk groups in which I participated.  Her Arthur went  to heaven 6 days before my husband Bob.   She is walking this grief journey now with me and we have formed a bond and dear friendship because of our widowhood.

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  1. i wish i had a husband like so many of you do he passed away from cancer 4 years ago but we never did much together. 40 years and i wonder why he got ill and was gone in a month. he was in nursing home and was 2 come home the next day .they called said he was unrespnive. i got there too late.all i can do is ask why. i prayed for god that night to let him come home or take him just not to suffer. was i wrong


    • No, Gertrude. You were not wrong to pray that. Forty- five minutes before my husband died I told The Lord for the first time that Bob was all His to take care of. When I said that, I expected God to heal him on this earth, but God chose to heal him in heaven. I struggled with guilt for a long time about that because I felt not only that I had given up by praying that, but that God had abandoned me with the answer He gave us. Later on I realized that I had finally surrendered my will to God’s will.

      I asked all those “WHY!!??” questions for a very long time until it dawned on me that even if God told me why Those answers would not satisfy me because all I really wanted was my husband back.

      You are not wrong in what you prayed.


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