A Real Friend…..

One of the secondary losses of a widow is her friends.  One of the greatest blessings of a widow are those widows who step in to walk alongside her through her grief journey.  I have been blessed with just such friends – widows of all ages and in all areas of the US – that have flown in to visit me and that I have gone to visit out of state.  There are two others that I don’t have photos of yet, but will post on here when I do (I didn’t forget you, Becky and Barb!)  I love you, my dear widow friends!

“A real friend is one who walks in when everyone else walks out.”  Walter Winchell

Pam Herring and Christy Cassidy

Joy Fowler and Christy Cassidy

Jenn Calvert and Christy Cassidy


One response

  1. I’m so glad that God has brought these wonderful ladies in your life who can empathize with you, because they have walked in your shoes. We can only sympathize as we only have a window to look through! I think of you often and pray you’ll be comforted in His Hands, for He is truly the only One who can know our deepest pain. Love, Sue Isaiah 26:3


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