Relearning How to Listen and Trust

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My 13 year old grandson Jacob spent the night with me last Friday night and discovered that I have a GPS navigation system in my car.  He was curious as to why I had gotten it and I shared with him that his Grandpa had been the one that was great with directions always getting us where we needed to be.  Now that I have to go places alone, I need help at times to get there.

I shared with Jacob that I have had to learn to listen to the man’s voice on that GPS and trust that where he is telling me to go is right.  As soon as those words were out of my mouth the Holy Spirit said, “That’s exactly what you are to be doing with God.”

Listening to the directions on my GPS were a bit confusing at first.  I didn’t know how to judge a distance of 400 yards and would turn too quickly.  The system would figure out my mistake and then calmly direct me back to where I was supposed to be.

As I purposed to listen more carefully to directions given, I discovered that the voice told me step by step where to go  and then would say, “Turn left” a few moments before the turn.  All I had to do was focus on listening carefully to each step he was giving me and not think ahead.  That was hard for me to do because I have always been a person who prepared ahead of time for everything in my life.

I am much more aware of God at this time in my life than I have ever been and I am having to relearn how to listen to Him and trust Him again.  My thoughts are always of Him and I have this running conversation going on with Him from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed and then again during the night whenever I awake. I’m trying very hard to take life one step at a time now and that is very frustrating for me, but God is using my GPS navigational system to retrain me how to listen and trust Him.


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  1. Candy, this was an excellent post about listening to God’s voice and following His directions one step at a time. Thank you for writing this! It helps me, too.


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