Does “Religion” Make Everything Easy?

I realize there are people who tell you that religion can make everything easy and who claim that any time a person prays, he is caught up in light and soars above his problems until they appear small and inconsequential.  But I don’t believe such words!  There are moments in the depths of human suffering when the soaring of ecstasy would be out of touch with reality.

John Claypool – Tracks of a Fellow Struggler

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  1. My spiritual struggles over the past two years, and where God has brought me to, is that it is not about religion but instead about the Relationship. I knew that, but I didn’t KNOW it. In coming to that realization in my heart and posting on fb about it, I have lost a dear dear friend in Christ. I am so thankful you posted this and couldn’t agree more with the final lines of the post. There is a reality in this, that many do not understand. One of the things that I posted on FB, that I was lectured/reprimanded about, was “Don’t tell me to wear a skirt when I have no food in my house.” At the time, I literally had grits and eggs in my house. And the people who should have been caring for me knew that and did nothing. I was then lectured on the issues of modesty. My reality was different than theirs, but it crushed my spirit. I have known since the beginning, did not have to learn this, it has always been God’s grace that has allowed me to live this life I’m living. I love you Candy and am so grateful for your posts. Susan


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