A Breath of Praise


During the last months of my husband’s life at the end of his prayers, he would always say, “It’s all about You, Lord.  It’s ALL about You!”  His whole life was all about what God wanted and he focused totally on that at the end.

I find now that he is gone that my thoughts are even more on God than they were before.  Things of this world seem so trivial.  Never before has the truth that this world is not my home been more real.  Not only am I praying, “Help me, Lord” many times a day, but I’m also thanking Him many times a day.  Even the seemingly smallest thing causes “Thank you, Lord” to come out of my mouth.

After my husband died, I wondered how I could ever praise the Lord again for anything.  I felt that He had betrayed me in not answering our prayers for healing.  But, it was just a few days into my grief journey when I  found out what preparations Bob had made for me should he go first that the praise began again.  It was not a forced praise.  I did not have to choke the words out.  They just flowed out from my heart.

One day when it is my turn to see my Savior face to face, the greatness of it all is going to finally really hit me and when it does, my praise is going to be so great that it will not be able to ever again be contained.  My heart will be so full of thankfulness and awe that praise will burst out at all times.  To think that my husband and both my parents are there now experiencing all of that joy and peace praising God – what a picture that is in my mind and I feel excitement stirring in my soul for what is ahead.

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  1. When dad passed in 2003, I was heartbroken! He was my favorite person on earth! However, as I contemplated what he must be experiencing in Heaven, I came to realize I would not (even if I could) WANT to beg Jesus to bring him back. Dad is in such joy and peace right now as well. Jesus endured the cross for us for the, “joy that was set before Him”, Hebrews 12:2. We will experience the same joy and peace in Heaven as a result of our life hidden in Christ! Thanks for the reminder!


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