Songs in the Night

Job is one book of the Bible that I have purposely not spent a lot of time reading because it has always seemed like such a sad book to me.  However, if there is anyone who knew and understood the grief that I am experiencing, it was Job.

You know the story of all Job’s friends who came to sit with him in his grief.  Only one of them spoke to Job on God’s behalf and that was Elihu who said, “But no one says, Where is God my maker, who gives songs in the night;”  Job 35:10

God gives songs in the night?  The meaning of the word “gives” in Hebrew is “provides”.  The meaning of the phrase “in the night” in Hebrew translates  “a season of protective gloom”.

God provides songs in this time of grief and it is a protected season of grief.  Not only is He  in this dark time with me, but  He is going through it with me and is protecting me.

I like to picture myself sitting on Jesus’ lap just as I sat on my mother’s lap as a child.  Jesus is bent over me with His loving arms around me shielding me.   We are sitting in a rocking chair and He’s rocking me back and forth and back and forth.  No one is going to take me out of His arms.  I am wholly and completely protected.  And He’s singing songs to me as we are rocking – songs of comfort, songs of assurance, songs that only my heavenly Father knows to sing to me.

It’s true that I don’t feel like singing in this time.  When I try to sing, all I end up doing is crying.  But, although the words are not able to come out of my mouth, I am finding that slowly the music is welling up in my heart and God is giving me songs in the night.


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