Diamonds in the Dark

In Isaiah 45:3 (Complete Jewish Bible) God said, “I will give you the treasures hoarded in the dark, secret riches hidden away, so that you will know that I, ADONAI, calling you by your name, am the God of Israel.”

Treasures in Hebrew translates to every kind of provision that has been stored away – gold or silver, food, and God’s weapons.

The word dark in Hebrew means that place of dark misery.  I think that very aptly describes that place a widow goes in her time of grief.

It has been said that the brightest diamonds grow in the darkest cavities of the earth.  Diamonds are formed under tremendous heat and pressure.  During volcanic eruptions they eventually make their way to the earth’s surface through pipes and channels.

God uses the widow’s time of darkness to make us into diamonds if we allow Him to do that.  We have a choice to either ignore our grief pretending that we can get through this journey ourselves or we can be intentional in our grief, face it, and go through it feeling all of the things that we need to feel.  Yes, it is painful, but it can be as productive  as the process of the making of a diamond.

A widow feels tremendous pressure.  There are times that we even have to remind ourselves to just breathe.  The pain is so deep down in that dark place and it takes much time for us to eventually make our way back across the bridge from grief to a new normal.  But, if we choose to make that journey across, we arrive on the other side as a beautiful diamond.

I have a widow friend who is years ahead of me in her grief journey and she has such beauty that radiates in her face and even in her voice.  She has become a diamond that was formed in the dark.  She knows that she is not alone because she can hear ADONAI calling her name every day.  He is with her even as He is with every widow who knows Him.s.

Being without a husband?  I don’t have any options.  But, maybe God does.  When God takes away the good,  He replaces it with something better.  I don’t know what my “something better” replacement will be and quite honestly at this time cannot even imagine that there could be something better.  Jesus told His disciples that it was for their good that He was going away.  Did they go for that?  No!  It plunged them into despair.  They felt abandoned and desolate and more than likely angry.  But, when the Holy Spirit came, they had more than Christ in their midst.  Now He was constantly with them in their hearts.  The good had been replaced with something better.


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