Emotions: Handwritten Invitations


“God created us to have emotions.  It does no good to pretend they do not exist.  I have fought against and suppressed my emotions, but that never seemed to help.  They were always there, ready to rear their ugly head at a less-than-opportune time, and usually with greater intensity.

So it was a real revelation to me finally to understand that my emotions are handwritten invitations from God.  God wants me to come to Him when my emotions are out of control because He is the only One who truly understands and He is always in control.  My emotions were created to draw me to the One who has the big picture, to lead me to sit at His feet and find refuge in His secure arms.  Only at His feet can the senseless make sense.  Only in His hands can we find peace in the mist of a storm.  Only close to Him does this life have meaning.”

Patty M. Broderick

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