Introducing Wiphan

Wiphan Widow Care and Support from Wiphan Care Ministries on Vimeo.

In Africa and especially Zambia, when a widow loses a spouse they believe the ghost of her deceased husband stays with her. Therefore, she becomes an outcast in the community. Extended family will come after the burial and rob the widow and her children of all of their belongings—and even take their home leaving the family on the streets to defend for themselves. The extended family and community breaks all ties with the widow and her child…leaving them not only broken-hearted but defenseless. Unfortunately, this is the story of 90% of Zambian widows as the culture is surrounded by superstition. It is our heart to not only defend the widow, but to encourage, teach and lift them up in truth.

Isaiah 1:17 says: “Learn to do right. Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”

Help us defend the widow by becoming a sponsor of our widows program. Wiphan offers a two year program for widows in the community where they can come to our school for free and learn a trade–with the opportunity at the end of the program to receive a micro-loan and start their own businesses. While in our program, the widows are surrounded by Christian leadership and are invited into a new community of believers which not only builds up our widows but takes away false beliefs the community believes. With $25 a month, you will be investing in the lives of 100+ widows enabling them to provide for their own family–and often even for orphans whom they have invited to also join their family. 

Many of our widows come to our program broken hearted and with feelings of rejection. We believe it is just as important to support them by giving them in skills training as it is to build up and encourage their hearts. Wiphan invites you to walk alongside a widow to provide Biblical affirmation, prayer support and a loving friendship. When you sign up to be a Widow Cheer-giver, Wiphan will assign a widow to you and we would ask that you regularly pray for her and you will have the opportunity to send your widow special letters of encouragement and pictures approximately 4 times a year (each quarter). Wiphan will contact Cheer-givers a few weeks before each trip so you have time to prepare and mail your letters in. Your letters will be hand delivered to your widow. Please keep in mind not all of our widows can read and write—but rest assured our staff will carefully translate every word. Imagine how special and loved each of our widows will feel when they discover they have a friend across the world that not only cares for them, but who desires to pour into their lives and love them.

To defend a widow or become a Cheer-giver, simply go to this website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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