The Blessing of Inadequacy

There’s a blessing in the inadequacy of widowhood and of saying,  “Lord, You KNOW that I can’t do this. I can’t be a widow.  I need Your power in my life to get through this and to go on living.”   Would God call me to do something and then separate Himself from me?  Can I say that God won’t help me live life alone without my husband?

Am I willing to do whatever God requires of me and to say, “ God, here I am.  Whatever there is of me that You can use, I’m available”? Since He died on the cross and paid my sin debt for me, do I have a right to tell Holy God what I will or will not do?  Would God call me to do something that I cannot do in His strength and His power?

I have access to THE COUNSELOR who created me and planned my life for me.  He is willing to show me exactly what to do.  Whatever I need, God will overflow it in my life.  No matter who I am, God has a place for me.  He does not want me wasting time and influence on what impact I can have.  He wants me to look at myself in the light of how God sees me and the potential I have – not in my own strength but in His.

I need to keep my heart clean, recognize my inadequacy, acknowledge His sovereignty,  and be willing to do what He has for me to do in the days ahead as a single woman – a widow.  He’s willing to give me a new beginning and a new start and enable me to be the person that He wants me to be.

I have the  awesome privilege to get on my knees before God and talk to Him who will never make a mistake, never mislead or inform me, and never fail me.

God has a HUGE investment in me – The Cross.  Do I have the right to withhold myself from my Creator who values me, has committed Himself to live in me for all eternity and enables me to face every single circumstance adequately?

Am I willing to say, “Lord, I don’t feel very adequate, but I’m willing to do whatever You want me to do?

Can I say, “God, now that You and I are walking hand in hand together as partners, what will You do in my life?”

The blessing of inadequacy is that if I respond to it in the right way, it pushes me to God.

One response

  1. Candy, Thank you for this wonderful encouraging post! I loved your questions! You need to know that God has spoken to me through you today! I have struggled with inadequacy most of my life, and we who are widows know full well that any weakness we had before, is now intensified. At least, that has been my experience. You are so right; inadequacy can be a blessing, if we remember that we can’t accomplish whatever we are called to in our own strength. God is always Faithful when we Trust Him to work through us! Now Lord, I need You to help me remember that Truth when I most need it.
    Hugs, Renee’


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