“That you may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom ye are seen as lights in the world.” Philippians 2:15

Every life casts a reflection.  There is an elusive, indefinable something about each person which we call personality or influence that is constantly falling on others.  In some people this personality glows like a flame in the dark, vivid and colorful.  In others, it is powerful and dynamic like the rays from radium.  Often it is gentle like the fragrance from flowers or an evening breeze.  This shadow follows us wherever we go; it cannot be detached at will; it is constant and abiding.  Even when we are unconscious of its force,  it is always impressing others.”

Star Trails to Life Beautiful/Ethlene B. Cox & Rosalee Appleby

A reflection is a clearly defined shadow cast by one in a strong light.  For a child of God that strong light is THE LIGHT.   I believe that a widow that is a child of God not only reflects the light of God, but she also is a reflection of the light of her husband.

If you look at a fireplace, you’ll see how the light reflects off the fire in the firebox. That light illuminates a spot that is normally dark.  It warms that spot.  It makes that spot come alive.  It makes a person want to draw close to it to receive its warmth.

I am the best widow that another widow knows.  What kind of reflection am I casting?  What kind of light I am putting out as I travel through this grief journey?  Is my light shining brightly or is it just barely flickering?

Am I an angry widow spewing out all kinds of bitterness about how mistreated I am because other people do not meet  God’s expectations or my own expectations?  Is my anger at God  dimming my reflection of His light?

Oh Lord, help me in my grief walk to stay in Your light and be a reflection that will continue to make others want to be near me and in turn, be near You.  Help me also to always reflect all those wonderful things about my husband so that his legacy goes on in his absence.


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  1. Candy, You ARE a reflection of God’s LIGHT! I believe your life IS also a reflection of Bob’s undying faith in God. Bob will never be forgotten. He will live on through your life as you strive to carry on the many wonderful things that he believed. He left an amazing legacy for all those left. You will do the same someday. I celebrate your life today. I am blessed to call you friend. Susan


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