Trusting When He’s Least Trust-Worthy

During a time when He dealt me a blow that sent me reeling on my heels, He was also there to catch me as no one else could have.  But I had to trust Him when He seemed least trust-worthyDuring my emotional tumble, I held tighter and listened more intently to God than I ever had before.  Like a child with his face pressed up against a window, I sought to find God in the midst of my confusion and understand what He was seeing.

I did not do these things right all the time, but each time I chose to press into the Right One, the evidence of His power mounted.  I am convinced that if psychiatrists could harness the contentment I found by pressing into God, that it would be their most prescribed drug.  But it is not as easy as swallowing a pill.  It is a day to day struggle to overcome our own flesh and seek God.

Patti M. Broderick

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