It’s Becoming Real

This year I have not been able to put up any of my Christmas decorations, but one thing has changed and one thing is very different.  For the first time in my entire life, I am understanding the birth of Christ with my heart like I’ve never understood it before and there are no words adequate to express the depth of all that I am feeling.

To think that Jesus knew what He was going to face – becoming a dependent newborn, experiencing all the emotions of  humanity, living with sinful people, existing in an imperfect world that is nothing like His home with God, being rejected, beaten, and spit upon, and having the horror of every sin in the world at once being hurled upon Him – and yet was willing to give up the best for the worst is finally becoming real to me.

I have felt very unloved by God in the last 2 years since my husband died, but as my heart is opening up to the truth of why Christ gave up everything to come as a baby to this earth, I see love for me in action and there has been no love greater than this in my life.  And it’s because of this love and our acceptance of the gift of salvation that without a doubt I KNOW where my husband is.

So many times I wonder what it was like for Bob the moment that his spirit left this earth.  What did he see?  How did he feel?  Did someone help him take that step into eternal life?  Who did he see first?  What is he doing today?  Many questions, yet a complete certainty that all is well and he is perfect and the happiest that he’s ever been.

What greater joy could I have in this world than knowing this and knowing that unless Jesus returns to earth before my spirit leaves my body, I, too, will experience what Bob experienced?  And there is no fear in that because Bob went first and paved the way for me.


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    • That’s a really good question, Sandra. I think in order to fully comprehend Jesus’ love for us, we would have to be perfect and we all know that is not going to happen here on this earth.


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