What Do I Do Now?

“What do I do now? How do I get on with my life?”

One thing has to be totally clear before we can adjust and move into a new way of life: We must be convinced that we can NEVER go back to the way life used to be. There is no turning back or going back. We HAVE to adjust. We HAVE to find a new kind of normalcy.

Life never stays constant and every serious change means we must leave old ways behind and accept new paths (the new normal), often with added value in our lives.

Even when we know we are going in the right direction, the adjustment is often uncomfortable, and it’s usually difficult.

“When people are in pain, their period of grief isn’t the time to reason with them. They often ask the WHY question. BUT they really want God to answer a different one, “Do you love me, God? Do you care?”

When life goes out of control – meaning our personal control – we’re left confused and with great loss. “How can this be?!”, we ask.

The immediate reaction of most of us is, “What did I do wrong? How did I fail?”

The lack of answers makes it even more difficult for believers. We feel there must be an explanation and we’ll have no peace unless we know the reason. So we constantly cry out, “Why, God? Why?”

Or if we can’t figure out the answer, we try to console ourselves and mumble, “Someday I’ll know the reason”. Maybe. Maybe not.

Instead of “Why, God?” isn’t it better to ask, “How, God? How do I feel your comfort? How do I draw close? How can I move beyond my pain?”

We can focus on the tragedy and ask, “Where was God?” Or, we can say, “God, this tragedy hurts. I’m in pain. Help me!”

Author Unknown

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