?’s a Widow Asks God

1)       Why did You not answer our prayers for healing?

2)      How could You do this to me, God, after we have served You and loved You?

3)      How did I fail You, Lord?

4)      How could You leave me without a husband to love me and take care of me now?

5)      Why couldn’t I feel You when things were so bad and we so desperately needed YOU?

6)      How can I ever trust You fully again, God?

7)      Why can’t I feel You now, God?

8)      Will I ever feel joy ever again?

9)      Will my relationship with You ever again be what it is supposed to be?

10)   WHO am I now, Lord?

11)   How can I make it through another day without my husband, God?

12)   How did my husband feel when he died?

13)   Did he see You at that moment that his life here was over?

14)   Was he afraid, Lord, or did he have peace at that moment?

15)   What is he doing now, Lord?

16)   Is he thinking about me at all?

17)   Is he able to see what is going on with me now and not be sad about it because now he can see the big picture?

18)   Is my husband interceding now for me in my behalf?

19)   Is he up there cheering me on, God?

20)   WHAT am I supposed to do with my life now, God?

21)   Will You ever be able to use me again in this shattered condition?

22)   How long is it going to take me to get through this deep pain and this dark place in my life?

23)   Will I get through this deep pain and dark place in my life?

24)   Why are my friends no longer around?

25)   Why have my husband’s family kicked me to the curb, God?  How can I no longer mean anything to them?

26)   Why doesn’t anyone care enough to just call and check on me?

27)   Why don’t people ask me how I am doing and really want to know how I’m doing?

28)   Why doesn’t anyone want to talk to me about my husband, God?  I like to talk about him.

29)   What am I supposed to do with the rest of my life?

30)   Will I remarry or will I be alone for the rest of my life?

31)   How am I supposed to make it financially?

32)   Who is going to take care of me if I need taken care of?

33)   Do You really care about me, Lord?

34)   Are all of Your promises really true?

35)   How can the death of my husband be good, Lord?

36)   How is this love?

37)   How can this be Your perfect way for me, Lord?

38)   Did we misunderstand Your Word, Lord?

39)   Do You only answer certain prayers?

40)   Do You really love me, God?

2 responses

  1. ALL valid questions, Candy. One thing you’ve noticed: people WILL fail you. One thing I know: God loves you and has cherished you personally even before the beginning of time. You are His child for eternity. Loving you today, Susan


  2. All deep questions. Many of us have asked many of them. I do know and believe God loves me. I’m going to have to wait for my turn to go to Heaven to see the big picture of how my personal tragedy fits into something good in His big plan, though.


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