The Impediments to Growth

When you exercise your muscles, they will tear and grow and repair themselves to be stronger.  When your life is torn from grief, you develop survival skills.  But, sometimes those survival skills last too long and become impediments to growth and to your becoming stronger.


2 responses

  1. Is this something like when you workout too much and you begin to bulk up instead of lean out? Or, by focusing all of your thoughts on exercising you forget the other important things in life? Sometimes we can get addicted to exercise and then it becomes unhealthy. And sometimes we can get addicted to grief. I asked Jesus to “manage” my grief so that it would be healthy and lead to healing because I know my tendency to get stuck in things. He has been managing it for three years now–the hole never goes away, but He is teaching me how to live around it with His joy, peace, hope, and not fall into it as often.


  2. Kathy, it’s when our survival skills become the entire focus and keep us from moving through our grief toward growth. It’s when we just want to survive and get stuck in our grief. To me it’s those times that I just want to crawl into a corner, pull a blanket over my head and never come out. I know that I can’t do that. I must keep putting one foot in front of the other and move at a snail’s pace if necessary just to keep making some kind of forward movement. Yes, there are those times when I go backwards, but I don’t stay there. You know that I mean.


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