An Emotionally Realistic Response to Grief

When pain strikes…when tragedy hits, an emotionally realistic response is what God expects and what God, in fact, intends.  We are broken people living in a broken world.  From our birthday to every day in between the pain is constant because absolutely NOTHING is what is ought to be.

An emotionally realistic response is what really comes out in pain (Job 1:20).  He tore his robe, shaved his head, and fell on the ground.  He was absolutely paralyzed.  

 It doesn’t say in Job 1:22 that God sees this emotional outburst and says, “Come on!  Toughen up!  Don’t you know that I did this for a reason and it’s a good reason!” Notice that God didn’t condemn Job’s emotional outburst.  It says that in all of Job’s emotional response, his unraveling was not wrong or sinful in and of itself.  No where does the Bible brush lightly over pain.  No where do we find God sanctioning a “suck it up and deal with it” posture toward pain.  It’s important for us to understand that pain is real and we are not acting Godly or spiritual if we are acting like it’s not. 

Tillian Tchividjian


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