A Widow Steward

“And the Lord said,  Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his Lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?” Luke 12:42

Last year I heard a widow asking God to help her to be faithful with the stewardship of widowhood that He had given her.  That idea stunned me.  I had never heard widowhood put in that light before and began thinking more about that.

Suppose that instead of looking at being a widow as a woman that has this big scarlet “W” branded on her forehead, I look at it as a title that is precious and even special.  That thought alone would blow some widows out of the water because there are some of us who so detest the word “widow” that we will not even allow ourselves to be called by that name.  But just suppose we step back from where we are for a few minutes and carefully consider what it would mean to be a steward of that title.

Stewardship is our purpose in this world that is assigned to us by God.  A good steward of their purpose manages well the assignment that God has given them.  A widow is a woman who has lost her husband, yet in her loss, she has been given a new husband and that husband is God.  I would say that is a pretty big step up.  The love I have for my husband is more than for any other person in this world.  He was not only my husband, but he was my best friend.  There was no better person in this world for me.  But, he was not perfect.

When I became a widow, God viewed me differently.   He is not only my father, but He has taken up a new position as my husband.  Any man who withholds justice from me now is cursed.

So, how am I to be faithful with the stewardship of widowhood?  There are several examples of this that I immediately thought of.  The first one is Christiana Cassidy Bortz who was a widow for almost twelve years and remarried just last month.  She is stewarding her widowhood by ministering to widows in a way that has never been done before through an organization she founded called Widow’s Walk  (mywidowswalk.com) .  She is out there trying to get care pastors, counselors, coaches, and others to actually see the needs of widows and to do something about it with the materials that she along with others has developed.

Another widow, Miriam Neff, who has been widowed for four years, stewards her widowhood by taking treadle sewing machines to Africa to teach African widows how to make a new life and a living for themselves and their children.  She has a website called Widow Connection (widowconnection.com) that is a wonderful resource for widows.  Miriam also wrote a book entitled From One Widow to Another that is a must for any widow – especially during her 1st year of widowhood.

Yet a third widow Joy Fowler, who became a widow a few days before I did, sends a different grief booklet to widows and widowers in three month installments for the first year of their grief journey.  Each booklet has to do with where they are that particular time in their grief.

Former widow Ferree Hardy has an online Face Book group for widows only called “Lifeboat” (facebook.com/groups/Lifeboat/).  It is a safe place for widows to come to share their deepest feelings and emotions without judgment.  It is also a place where widows can receive the encouragement that they need.  Ferree is also writing a new book for widows that she hopes to finish soon.

Lord, thank you for Joy who asked You to help her to be a faithful steward of her widowhood.  You immediately spoke to my heart when I heard her say that and I knew that I, too, have the same responsibility in my widowhood.  Help me to manage this assignment that You have given me and use me to the best of my abilities.  Help me not to view widowhood as a curse, but as something very precious and special.


8 responses

  1. THIS was wonderful for me! I blogged in recent days how I hate the word “WIDOW” and you have put it into a fresh, new perspective. I have already downloaded Miriam’s book to my iPad for further reading and I will also be visiting the blogs and websites mentioned! Thank you for blessing ME today!



  2. Sheila, thank you for reading my blog this morning and for your sweet comment. You aren’t the only woman who hates the word “WIDOW”. I am learning so much in my journey not only from God but from other widows.


  3. Amen, Candy! I don’t really like the widow label either, mainly because I think it puts me in some kind of box in people’s minds, as to what a widow is, that I don’t think match up with my reality. But, I really like the idea of being a good steward of my widowhood, even though I really wish I weren’t one! God has allowed me to be in this situation in life right now, though, and I know He is more than able to help me live it well if I’ll let Him. Thanks for passing along what Joy said, along with your additional thoughts on it. 🙂


  4. Thank you for the beautifully written, fresh perspective, Candy! And also for the resources. I visit Ferree’s website everyday. We are very blessed to have the benefit of other widows experiences to help us cope with our own personal journeys. Your blog always blesses me as well!
    Hugs, Renee’


  5. Candy, good words. Thank you for sharing them. I’ve read the post now several times so I could fully absorb them. I don’t yet know where this new road will take me but I do know I am going somewhere! Still awaiting my new ‘orders’ but know they will come when God is ready!


  6. Candy,

    Thanks for sharing these powerful words reminding us that we are stewards of everything God allows in our lives. I remember when God showed me that I am a steward of the chronic illness He has allowed in my life for the past 23 years. It was sobering to realize that, and it gave me a sense of responsibility to honor Him in how I handle the illness.



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