Grace–The Opposite of Entitlement

Grace is understanding that everything we have is on loan from God.  It’s the opposite of entitlement.  Job survived his grief and suffering because he held onto a robust theology of grace.  He knew that he was not entitled to anything he had.  Everything he had was on loan from God.  He “got” grace.  He “got it”.  He didn’t live with a sense of entitlement – “I deserve better than this, God.” 

Job did not locate his identity in what he had.  If the foundation of your happiness is in what you had (relationships, name, money, etc.), then suffering will be pulling you away from those foundations.  That will make you mad, bitter, and sad and so on. 

But, if like Job, you build your life on God so that the ultimate love is God’s love, then suffering actually drives you deeper into your source of joy (God).  Suffering exposes what you are building your life on. 

Tillian Tchividjian

2 responses

  1. Oh Candy, your recent posts have really spoken to me, as has this morning’s entry in “Jesus Calling”. I need to look at things from God’s perspective but have been too focused on my own grief. Also I am reading through the Bible chronologically and two days ago began the book of Job! God is definitely getting my attention. May I not forget what He is telling me. Thank you, Candy for your faithfulness to post something every day. Your consistency is a blessing to so many of us.


    • Joy, it is for my healing as well that I read every day and post something to hopefully encourage the heart of another widow with words that have encouraged or spoke directly to me. Thank you for reading. Love you!


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