The Shock Absorber of God’s Sovereignty

“God’s sovereignty is like a shock absorber of our pain.  It doesn’t absorb the bump completely, but keeps us from falling completely apart.  There is no cosmic tug of war battle going on between God and the devil. 

The sovereignty of God became Job’s pillow where he could rest his weary head.  He wasn’t looking for an explanation.  He wasn’t putting his hope or comfort in something as small as an explanation.  He didn’t “get it” and he was paralyzed, but he was trusting in God.    He had a deep, abiding belief that God was in control and was in charge of everything.

Whatever God allows in our lives, He never unleashes the devil completely.  He keeps him on a very tight leash.  God is glorified and the devil is defeated.  Job came out more mature.

All things have been perfectly planned by God.  God doesn’t sleep in your moment of calamity.  He is not sleeping through my grief journey.”

Tullian Tchividjian

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