God Means for Grief to Be Expressed

“When we grieve our pain and difficulties, we are demonstrating trust that for the Christian the best is yet to come.  Romans 8 tells us that  creation itself groans for renewal and that groaning is a sacrifice of praise to God because it’s a demonstration of trust that God is coming back.  He’s going to make everything sad come untrue.  He’s going to fix everything that our sin has broken.  So the groaning – the cry of creation is worship.  It’s not meant to be suppressed.  It’s mean to be expressed.”

Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Graham’s Grandson)

One response

  1. Amen! When our loved one moves to Heaven is not the time to be stoic! Grief happens. I asked Jesus to manage my grief so that it would be whole and healthy and eventually healed. He has done that. He is faithful.


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