Trusting His Faithfulness

The most important thing about the way we live our lives, and most certainly the way we walk through the valleys of our lives, is what we in our deepest of hearts believe God is like.  Respond to the following statements about God:

God is faithful to Himself–He can be no other than the Almighty, Sovereign God.

God is faithful to His purpose–all that God does is a fulfillment of His great purpose to His infallible plan from before the beginning of time.

God is faithful to the work He began–each of us, His children, will be made holy.

God is faithful to His promises–yet He is not bound by my interpretations.

           * Do you believe that you can trust in the character of God far beyond what you can understand or feel?  Call that H O P E grounded in an unchanging God.

Verdell Davis – Let Me Grieve But Not Forever


One response

  1. So thankful for that HOPE especially when we are in the valleys of life! He changes not. He is always Faithful in His unchanging character! What a comfort and anchor that is for me! He loves and blesses us even when we forget to turn to Him in our anguish, and lovingly brings us back to the reality of His Presence. He will never leave or forsake us! Hugs to you, Candy.


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