When I Need An Explanation!

Job begins by crying out for an explanation.  Once God continues to remain silent, Job gets the point that he’s not going to get an explanation and finally grows up to the point that it’s okay that he’s not going to get an explanation. 

God’s silence is helpful to Job because it enlarges his trust in God.  Job was constantly praying, “God!  God!  God!  Answer me!  Answer me!”   His very friendship with God is demonstrated by his soaking his pain in prayer.  He was begging God to speak and God remains silent because He’s trying to teach Job that explanations are a substitute for trust. 

If God were to explain everything, it would have not relieved Job’s pain and Job would be tempted to locate his comfort in the explanation and not in WHO God is.  An explanation won’t last because you’ll just need another one for tomorrow – for the next trial.

Job couldn’t understand what was happening to him and demands a right explanation from God.  He says, “Why do the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer?  This is how things ought to go, God.  Do You really know what You are doing?”  It seems so unfair and unjust and as if God has things backwards.  We may not say it with our lips, but in our dark, wicked hearts we say it. 

Job’s issue was in KNOWING that God was in charge, but that God was not caring about the way things were going.  God IS in control and I don’t understand what He is doing and yet demand an explanation from Him. 

Tullian Tchividjian


2 responses

  1. So hard to do… to just trust, but so necessary. Explanations will never be acceptable or comforting. God’s plan is beyond our understanding. If we walk with Him we are just where he wants us to be as painful as that is at this moment. We must trust that He has a plan tailored just for us.


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