Silence and Solitude

This morning I listened to Jill Briscoe as she spoke on Psalm 139 at Moody’s Founder’s Week in Chicago on Feb. 8th.  The following is part of what she said.  I will post the entire audio message below if you’d like to listen to it.

“How did David become a giant killer?  God left him alone all through his teenage years. That was his seminary.  Learning silence….learning solitude.  Does this generation know anything about that?  Silence and solitude – gone.

We need to work hard at putting ourselves into the presence of God sitting there until the focus changes from us to Him however long and whatever that takes and listening first and shutting up before we ever open our mouth.  That’s what David learned to do all those years.  It made him a giant killer, but it was a rough road.  It was a rough road, but it was a rich road.

Maybe you feel irrelevant because of what has happened in your life.  You’re not irrelevant to God.  He KNOWS you and He loves you.  He knows who you are.  He knows what you are thinking.  It’s not that God is distant from our thoughts, but He understands them even when they are distant from us.  Somebody has said that our minds are like opaque beehives.  All our thoughts God sees perfectly and understands.

You see me when I board a plane and ride the wings of dawn.

You see me with my Stewart or when I am on my own for long.

And suddenly Your light dispels the darkness crowding in

And, dear Lord, Your presence fills the homesickness within.

Remind me there is nowhere else this joy is to be known.

No dear one – nothing else – can make my heart at home

But You, dear Lord and Savior, sweet Comforter and Friend.

So, I’ll relax and draw my breath from You until the end.

So search my heart, All-Seeing God, who knows my deepest need.

Reveal to me Your thoughts that still my will, my spirit feed.

You know and understand me, Lord, the bad part and the good.

You know the words I’ll speak today, I shouldn’t or I should.

You glance in my direction from worlds beyond this earth.

You know me through and through, my God.

You’ve known me from my birth.

You see me packing up my case to travel far and near.

You see me spent and tuckered out.  You see me filled with fear.

You watch me try to please You, Lord, and go the second mile.

You whisper “Thank you” to my heart and it begins to smile.

So, Lord of smiles and love and power, I’m overwhelmed by grace.

Please give me strength to carry on and finish well my race.

Please search my heart and try my ways and lead me on the way

And then receive my spirit home and see me home one day.

He is there!  He is here!  He is who I love to distraction because He first loved me.  He made you who you are on purpose.  And He has a book apparently.  And every day ordained for you and me is written on a clean white page.  It means that what He wants for you and me on that day, on this day, on whatever day, He has written.

God says, “What I pray for My child in this situation is that she would honor Me, that she would take the opportunity, that she would not allow fear to dominate her, that she would not be paralyzed by anything.

So there is a right road and you’ll never make it through it unless you make it a reflective road.


2 responses

  1. Candy,
    I just finished listening to Jill’s entire message. It was such a necessary Sunday morning thing to hear. Please, everyone, listen to her whole talk.


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