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Dear Reader,

This blog began at the urging of my youngest daughter who believed that I have something to share.  The purpose of it at the beginning was to do book reviews of books written by other Christian widows and a few widowers.  However, it quickly blossomed into sharing other things that may or may not be helpful to widows or those who are not widows, but are desiring  to know how to understand and help a widow in their life.

It has been brought to my attention that there is more darkness than looking forward in what I share in this blog. Most of what I post are quotes from books I read or messages that God brings into my life.  They may or may not be things that I have experienced, but they are meant to affirm what a widow might experience in her grief journey because each of our journeys are different.

My own personal writings are in the form of letters and devotionals that were written at the urging of my Christian psychologist during the first 1 ½ years of my journey.  I date those writings to give my readers a perspective of what time each was written.  At this time I am beginning the 3rd year of widowhood and when I exhaust those things that have been written before this time, I will then begin to share more of what I am experiencing now as I continue to move forward.

I must be true to who I am and to what my journey is.  I am working through issues of my grief and as one friend said to me,  as I write what I am hearing from God, I am finding peace and healing and that peace and healing are coming through the pain and loss and overcoming the pain and loss.

I can’t tell you how to get to the point of victory because I am still in this process of learning and moving and finding out more things about myself and about God.  One thing I can promise my readers is that I will listen to the Holy Spirit as I write and share things on this blog that He brings to my attention.

Without Christ in my life, I would have no hope.  There would be no purpose.  However, because I know Christ and have been His follower for 50 years, I choose to believe that before He made me, He knew that at age 57 I was going to become a widow and an orphan.  This did not take Him by surprise for there are never any surprises with God.  Though I do not know how the rest of my life story will go, I do know that my purpose today is to in some way glorify Him.

Most sincerely,



9 responses

  1. Candy,

    I have only been following your blog a short while but it has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to me. I am approaching the 7th month since my husband went to be with the Lord. I look forward to your post every day.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jenny Bryant


  2. Candy,
    As your readers, we would be disappointed if you changed anything about your blog. I can not agree with the opinion: “that there is more darkness than looking forward in what I share in this blog”. You encourage us with whatever the Lord leads you to post. What you share is honest and often transparent and that is what widows relate to the most. Thank you for having the courage to tell it like it is: painful… but being “carried” when we are too weary or broken, by our Heavenly Husband every step of the way. We know also that He encourages us to “walk” in His strength, when He knows we are ready. Your “looking forward” is appropriate for your journey. Thank you for the blessing that you pour out each time you hit the publish button!
    Hugs, Renee’


  3. Candy, I like your blog just the way it is and just the way it is evolving with you. Some days may resonate more with me or help me more than others, but that’s okay. I’m sure that on the days it doesn’t speak to me as much, that it does to others. Carry on!


  4. I was in conversation today with another widow of two months.The pain is definitely fresh and I saw it so clearly in the way she hesitated to answer my serious and gentle inquiry of how her husband passed. But talking about it, and as others joined the conversation, she was given time to express some feelings. I have recommended her to visit your blog.


  5. Candy- Please keep this blog just as you have. I have recently begun to read it and it has helped me tremendously. I am 2 1/2 years in my widow journey and have read many books, blogs etc. Yours from a Christian perspective, inspired by the Holy Spirit has done more for me than any other. I have been searching for faith-based experiences with grief and they are difficult to find. My faith has gotten me this far and I continue to discover much uplifting inspiration from Christ by way of the scriptures. My husband is gone, as if the life that I loved and the future that i dreamed of. But God is our mate now, our anchor. I can live with my grief because He is walking right by my side. I learn this every day about Him through you. Please continue.


  6. Candy, I too thank you for your blog! It was like healing balm on my soul when I started reading it last summer – one year into my own widow journey. You have spoken my thoughts so many, many times! I think our husbands were much alike, and you and I much alike- I have been able to identify with you, and appreaciate how you always end up bringing us back to the Lord – like the Psalms does when David is pouring out his woes. Thank-you for being transparent for us. I, too have done much writing, but I have been criticized for it enough times, that I don’t feel free sharing with any general public. I drink in your honesty, and cry over your blogs, healing tears many times. Keep on sister! 🙂 ~Sheri


  7. I thank everyone for their words of kindness and encouragement. It’s easy for me to focus on what I think about myself and what others think about me rather than on how God views me – someone who can do nothing to earn His love and approval because Christ has already done what is needed for that.



  8. I am not a widow, but I cherish my time of reading your blog every day. Your accounts of pain, suffering and dealing with adversity have been a huge help and blessing in my life. I, too, weep as I read your words that reach into my own heart and shed light on the things that weigh me down. You are a help to me over and over. Thank-you for your willingness to bare your soul and your mind. Susan


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