Job’s Friends

In Job’s friends’ answer to the “WHY?!” question they made moralistic assumptions – “What did you do, Job?  God blesses good people and curses bad people”.   They offered a moralistic prescription – “All you’ve got to do is clean yourself up.  Fix yourself.  Do what you need to do so that you can get those blessings back from God”.  They had NO concept of grace whatsoever.  It was ALL works.  That was the way they approached trial, tribulation and life.  Their counsel was Gospel-less. 

It sounds a lot like the counsel you hear inside the church nowadays –  “Do more.  Try harder“.  The difference between moralistic counsel and the counsel of the Gospel  is that the Gospel locates recovery and restoration in Jesus’ performance to us and not our performance for Him. 

Your primary counsel is to remind a Christian what they have in Christ.  Don’t make assumptions based on simply what you can see.  When someone is in pain, they don’t need a sermon, lecture, or you to solve their problems.  They need you to remind them that everything they need in Christ, they already possess. 

The Bible is not a record of good people earning God’s blessing.  It’s a record of bad people receiving God’s blessing because Jesus earned it for us.

Tullian Tchividjian


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