Loneliness: A Gift to Give

From Elisabeth Elliott/The Path of Loneliness:

Loneliness.  I have said that it can be seen as a gift–something received and accepted.  A gift may also be something offered. What I lay on the altar of consecration is nothing more and nothing less than what I have at this moment, whatever I find in my life now of work and prayer, joys and suffering.

Some people see singleness as a liability, a handicap, a deprivation, even a curse.  I see it as a gift.  To make that gift an offering may be the most costly thing one can do, for it means the laying down of a cherished dream of what one wanted to be, and the acceptance of what one did not want to be. I see it as an act of intelligent worship, and as a gift God has given me to give back to Him in order that He may make something of it.

So, it was the Lord who had put into my hands this gift of widowhood.  Is this the little “cake” You need from me, Lord? Then I’ll bake it for You, Lord.  Please have it.

When all we have to offer seems pitifully small and woefully poor, we must offer it nevertheless, in obedience like the widow of Zarapheth, and in the simplicity of a little child who brings a crushed dandelion to his mother…..what the Lord can possibly make of it is no concern of ours.  That part is under His control.  He Himself knows what He will do. Let our offering be free, humble, unconditional, given in the full confidence that His transforming energy can fit it into the working of His purposes.

(Photo Credit: Solo Dialogue)


2 responses

  1. Yes, Candy. I have had much success with offering my loneliness to God. I come away feeling empowerment rather than devastation. I need to remind myself to do it though. I need to push myself to say the words. Thank you for this.



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