Happy Birthday, Daddy

Photo Taken the Day Daddy Graduated to Heaven

Dear Daddy,

Today is your 2nd birthday in heaven and I can’t help but be jealous of where you are there in heaven with Mama and Bob.  The day you left us there was a double rainbow in the sky.  One rainbow shone brighter than the other and I knew that one was Mama because she’d been in heaven for 82 days and had absorbed so much more of the light of God’s glory. You were together with her again as you had so very much longed to be.

Many times I get frustrated down here as I feel left behind to face all the trials of life with no one who loves me like you three did.  I know that you wouldn’t want to be back here for anything and I wouldn’t want you back.  But, I also know that if you could say something to me, you would encourage me to keep going and not to give up because it was worth it all when you saw Jesus.  So every morning even though so many times I just want to lie in bed and not move, I get up and start my day wandering what each day will hold for me.

This is the time of year that you so much loved with the planting of bright colored gold and purple pansies, the blooming of red and yellow tulips and daffodils and the planning of a new garden.  You loved to take Mama for long drives to see how the trees are budding and blooming and the grass is greening up and coming alive.  The big forsythia bush out in your front yard would become that beautiful bright sunshiny yellow and the rabbits would run to find a cool refuge underneath it as the weather warms up.

Nothing can compare with what you are seeing now.  It must be simply glorious!  There are SO many times when I wonder about it all and long to be sharing everything there with you.

Happy birthday, Daddy!  I love you and miss you tremendously much.  I’ll see you again!



One response

  1. What a precious greeting. The stunning double rainbow says it all.

    God is in both the sunshine and the rain, and only with the combination of the two will we see the glorious colors of the rainbow. May the Lord visit you in special ways today.



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