My Better Half

R.C. Sproul, Jr. Family (1 child not pictured)

On December 29, 2011 R.C. Sproul became a widower and single father with 8 children when his wife Denise went to heaven.

RC Sproul Jr. is the founder, chairman and teacher at Highlands Ministries in southwest Virginia. He is also a Teaching Fellow at Ligonier Ministries in Orlando, Florida. A graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary, he also earned a Doctorate of Ministries in 2001. He is the author or editor of a dozen books. His wife Denise wrote a regular column for Every Thought Captive magazine and is the author of Tending Your Garden: Wisdom for Keepers at Home.  Together they parented eight blessings, one profoundly disabled, two via trans-racial adoption — all of them deeply loved.

In his January 3, 2012 blog he wrote the following:

The Bible says that husbands and wives are one flesh.  Christian marriage pundits turn this too into “Be nice to each other.”  That is, we are told about the importance of open communication.  We are encouraged to be as concerned for our spouse as we are for ourselves.  We, in rephrasing what God has said so that we might understand it, end up further from the truth.  We are not commanded to live as if we were one flesh.  Instead we are told that such is the actual truth.  The one-flesh reality means that I haven’t just lost the love of my life, but half of me.  How could I recognize me, when I am now only half the man I once was?  It isn’t quite accurate to say that when she drew her last breath a part of me died.  Instead half of me died.

The good news, however, is the same.  Half of me has died, and is with Jesus.  Half of me has no melancholy, but only joy.  Half of me cries no more.  Half of me sins no more.  Half of me loves me, and the children, with a perfect love.  Mourning, over the coming weeks and months, will move to dancing, as this half of me begins to more deeply believe the blessings I have in my better half.

On January 27, 2012 R.C. wrote:

Jesus did not, forty days ago, take Denise from me.  She was never mine to begin with.  He placed her under my care.  He blessed me with her wisdom, with her example, with her love.  But she was then what she is now, and will always be, His.

Three days ago R.C. shared:

Since my wife passed I am constantly asked how I am doing.  I am so grateful for people’s concerns.  The truth is I do have a long to-do list, even without my honey making me honey-do lists.  I also feel the weight of the sorrow of missing her that beckons me to spend the day in bed.  I can’t, however, curl up in a ball because of my life’s work.  I have eight children to care for, children who miss their mom every bit as much as I do.  For all my sadness over the loss of my wife, I yet have what we have made, by His grace together, these precious children.  They need their dad more than I need a day in bed.  In loving, in serving them, my wounds begin to heal and I am reminded I am not a man without shoes looking at children without feet.  I am instead the richest man in the world, because of the children who are my and His heirs.  Give thanks.  Repent.  Believe the gospel.  And get to work.

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