For those widows considering remarriage Patty M. Broderick shares – “Although I daydreamed of marriage again, God knows that my desire to move backward in time rather than forward was obvious.  It was evidenced by the questions I continued to pose to God”:    ‘God,  Mark was so wonderful.  He was such a caring, fun father to the children.  He was kind, attentive and loving toward me.  And he was smart, skilled, and handsome.  You could never bring me another man as wonderful as Mark with whom I could share the kind of love we had.’

God would have been quite justified in saying, ‘OK, since you know more than I do, I will let you have your way.  You are right, I can not give you another gift like the one that you had in Mark.‘  But God was merciful to me and instead chose to remind me to whom I was talking.  Once again, there was no audible message, but in my spirit, I heard a resounding, ‘Excuse me?  What is it that I can not do?

Undoubtedly, it had been God who had brought Mark to me, and He was perfectly capable of bringing me someone else whom I could love and enjoy as I enjoyed Mark.  I did not know if God had it in His might plan to bless me in that way.  But I never doubted that He was able.”


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