Key to Avoiding the BLACK HOLE

Jennifer Sands, whose  husband Jim was killed on September 11th in the collapse of the World Trade Center, shares this from her book A Tempered Faith

“For me, the key to staying away from the edge of the Black Hole was therapy, not drugs.  Therapy of private counseling or support groups or both.  Therapy of family and friends who truly cared about me and would do anything for me.  Therapy of finding something–anything–to keep me busy, so I wouldn’t become consumed with the obvious.  Therapy of staying physically healthy, while trying to regain my mental and emotional health.  Therapy of doing everything in my power to reclaim control of my life.  Therapy of faith and a belief system that trusted God and His Word.  Therapy of finding something to look forward to.

Indeed, the black Hole is easy to fall into, but we have the power to resist it.  I learned to recognize the thoughts and actions that pushed me toward the edge and to use every ounce of my energy to avoid them.  I found people and things that pulled me away from the edge toward safety, and I depended on them.  I held onto the life preserver with everything I had.

Most of all, I learned that we are stronger than we think.”


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