Lord, I admit it is hard to press on
when it seems what I desire most is behind me.
I long for the love of a man You’ve taken home.
A man You gave me, and then took away all too soon.

Like a horse with a bit, You guide me where I need to go.
But I can’t move ahead when I’m looking over my shoulder.
So I strain to look ahead, even if I’m not sure where we’re going.
I choose to follow Your lead because I know You.

Often, the road before me seems rough, even impassable.
And I’m not sure why You’ve chosen this path,
Yet, You are there, gently speaking words of encouragement.
And our relationship is all that I need.

So I press ahead, with my ears listening for your voice.
Knowing that all else will fade away, but You will never leave me.
I heard Your voice clearly in my love’s last word spoken,
He did not say, “look back” nor even, “remember.”  He said, “Press.”


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