The Clay Pot

A story is told by the Paiute Indians about clay pots.  The most beautiful and strongest clay pots, the ones that honor their creator as uncommon, are made from mixed clay.  The old people take shards of  old pots with chips and cracks and broken lips and throw them on the ground.

Then, years later, other grandmothers gather those old shards and grind them to a powder.  They add that powder to new clay that has never known the fire.  The clay comes from two places: one fired and one fresh.  The pots will only hold together and be strong because they have been blended.

A widow’s life has been broken unto shards and she feels like she’s been thrown out into a desert.  As she begins to put one foot in front of the other  and as time goes by, she gathers up those broken shards. She holds onto those broken pieces, but as she processes through her grief, those shards get ground to fine powder and begin to blend into to the new clay of her new identity.  Her old fired life is mixed with her new life and from the blending of those two comes a much stronger woman .

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