Riches in Loneliness

O Lord, who would have ever guessed that you would store such riches in a secret place called loneliness?  Who would have guessed that in the soil of loneliness you would tuck away the seeds of contentment?

Help us to see that our loneliness is not a feeling to be cursed, but a friend to be listened to.

We so fear loneliness that we cram our calendars full of activities, all designed to assure that we will not be alone.

And these distractions become so noisy as they clamor for our attention that we can’t hear you tell us that our loneliness is where you would like to meet us and remind us that you love us, and that we are really not alone, and that this world is not our final home, and that deep inside ourselves is the cure for our loneliness.  Not out there somewhere.

The cure is inside ourselves because that is where you are.  You would have us look inward and see you at work in our lives to show us the rainbow through the storm, the light flickering in the darkness, the smile behind the pain, the hope inside the grief.

You would open our ears to hear the laughter we thought was gone, the word of comfort we had turned away, the whisper of encouragement we desperately need.

You would quick our hearts to feel the warmth of the sunshine on our shoulders, the assurance of the hope we have as your child, the joy of an embrace from a friend.

In our loneliness, Father, you would open our eyes and our ears and our hearts to the wonders of your grace.

Don’t let us miss it.



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