The Widow: A Musician

“When a musician has a fine composition placed before her, that music is not the musician’s masterpiece; it is the composer’s gift to the musician.  But it then becomes the task of the musician to work it out, to give it sound and expression and beauty as she applies her skills to this composition.  When she does, the composition reaches it completed purpose and thrills the hearts of her listeners.”  —-Chuck Swindoll/LAUGH AGAIN

God our Composer has given us His new composition – that of being a widow.  So, we have to work it out to give it sound and expression and beauty as we apply ourselves to becoming the widow masterpiece that God created.

Our widowhood hasn’t taken Him by surprise.  No, it was all planned out as part of our lives when He was creating us.  But as we work through our grief, in time if we’ve done our work, there will somehow be beauty for others around us to see.  It may not look like beauty to us because becoming a widow and learning to life life without our husbands is so painful.  However, if we don’t allow it to completely rob us totally of our joy, God will be able to shine through us and the music of our new life will become something that will encourage the hearts of “our listeners”.

Oh God!  Help me not to be afraid to spend all the time I need to “work out” my grief to give it the harmonious sound of You and I working it out together instead of the discordant sound of me running from it or trying to do it on my own.  May it have  the proper expression and so much beauty that YOU will be glorified in my life.


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