Unload Your Baggage


When the rug was pulled out from underneath me at the death of my husband, I began to do a lot of introspection and really take a good look at myself and my life.  I call it having the lid of my Pandora’s Box taken off.  For the first time in my life I have been forced to see all of those pieces of baggage that I’ve been unknowingly carrying around for so long.  And now I’ve got more baggage to add to those pieces.

The big question is am I willing to take each piece out one by one and deal with them?  It’s unfair to others around me not to have the courage to do that because all of that baggage is going to affect the way that I relate to everyone in every area of my life.

Here are a list of  some encumbrances in a person’s life.  Take a minute to look at them and ask yourself, “God, are any of these true in my life?”

Poor Self-Image      Defeatist Attitude      Feelings of Rejection      Perfectionism      Fear of Failure    

  Procrastination      Suspicious

Lack of Self-Control           Negative Attitude     

Then there are those sins that are possible entanglements in a person’s life.  Take a minute to look at the following and ask yourself the same question, “God, are any of these entanglements in my life?

Unforgiveness      Critical Spirit      Jealousy      Greed      Pride      Deceit      Lust      Unbelief      Anger      Bitterness      Fear

Once you recognize these pieces of baggage in your life and decide to take responsibility for them, if you find you can’t do it alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You may find as I have that recognizing and unloading your baggage is a process and not something that you do all at once.  It takes time.  The most important thing is that your heart is open to the Holy Spirit so that when He is ready to hold up another piece, you are able to see it and willing to unload it.

Recently I heard a message by Charles Stanley on this very subject.  Below is a link for those who want to take the time to listen to it in more detail.

This Week on TV


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