How, when we have no strength to face another day, do we truly lean on the Lord, trust in the power of His word and see that all of His plans towards us are for our good?

In his book I STILL BELIEVE, this is one of the questions that award winning singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp talks about wrestling with when his first wife Melissa died just four months after their wedding.  God brought key people into his life at just the right time as servants of healing for him.  One of those people was Jon Courson who had lost his wife and one of his daughters in two separate car accidents.

Jeremy – “She loved the Lord.  We did everything we could.  We prayed, we believed.  I just don’t understand it.”

Jon knew how exhausted Jeremy was from the struggle of grief.

“Jeremy, you can rest your head on your pillow at night, knowing you did all that you could.  This was God’s plan.  He heard your prayers.  He comforted Melissa.  Rest, knowing that you did seek the Lord in obedience.”

Jon reminded Jeremy that even in those circumstances, “We still need to worship our God.  He’s still in control.  It’s easy after we’ve tasted God’s deliverance and seen His miracles to say, ‘Yes, Lord, You are the best!’  But it’s tough when you don’t see any outcome, or any good, in a really dark time, to say, ‘God, You are good.  You are good.  No matter what, You are good.'”

So, I have to say to myself this morning, “Candy, you can rest now knowing that you did all that you could.  This was God’s plan for you and for Bob.  He heard your prayers.  He comforted Bob.  Rest, knowing that you did seek the Lord in obedience.  I know it’s a really dark time in your life, but no matter what, God is good.”

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