Do I Grouse About the “Thorns”?

In his book Laugh Again Chuck Swindoll tells the story of his wife Cynthia’s love of bougainvillea:

Some of my readers know the ongoing debate that Cynthia and I have about bougainvillea.  Years ago she really wanted us to plant several containers of bright red bougainvillea.  It is a wonderful plant if you look at just the blossoms.  But hidden within the plant are thorns . . . I mean those suckers are wicked!  When Cynthia looks at bougainvillea, she sees only blossoms.  When I look at the plant, I see only thorns.

Unfortunately, there is a house not far from our home with a spectacular blooming bougainvillea climbing off the roof out front.  Whenever we pass that house, Cynthia likes to drive a little slower and enjoy the blossoms.  At certain times of the year she will point out, “Look how beautifully that bougainvillea is blooming!

I will usually respond, without looking, “Do you realize the size of its thorns?  I mean they are big . . . and they grow all over the plant.  You may not see them, but if you walk close enough, you may never get free.  It could catch you and hold you for half a morning.”

Cynthia isn’t convinced.  She even said to me on one occasion, “Do you realize, honey, that every time–I mean EVERY TIME–I mention bougainvillea, you grouse about the thorns?”

Is this what I am doing?  Am I so intent on the thorns of being in this place I am in as a widow that I cannot take my eyes off them long enough to see any of the beauty around those thorns?

One response

  1. Beautifully said. Sometimes widows we tend to focus on the fire that we went through forgetting the God who was and passed through that fire with us. We tend to forget that the very same planet the very same earth, there are couples, wife and a husband who have passed away to glory, on the very same day. the very same place may be through accident, fire, hurricane, earthquake, leaving behind children as young as 0 month. And yet us, have emerged out of the rubble limping but life spared. Given one more chance and opportunity to save our maker, raise our children pursue our careers etc


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