Broken Pieces

Excerpt from A WIDOW’S MIGHT by Jan Thompson

“About two weeks after the death of my husband, my mother turned and accidentally knocked a cup from my hand and it shattered to the floor.

The cup was a beautiful chintz-ware cup, and I hated to lose it, but it was much more than that.  It had been the last cup my husband drank from before his death.  Every time I would serve him the tea I hoped would heal him, or bring him the soup I believed might cure him, it was in this beautiful cup.   When it shattered to the floor, so did my already fragile spirit.  I stood staring at the broken pieces wondering what to do about it.  it was pretty much what I was doing with the brokenness of my life.  My life had been so beautiful; holding the contents of purpose, laughter, companionship, love and so many things.  Now it, too, lay shattered at my feet.  What would I ever do about my life or this cup?  I thought, ‘Father, if it be the will, remove this cup from me.’

I picked up the pieces of the cup and put them in a plastic bag.  I remembered a lady I had met who made jewelry from broken china.  I called her and told her about the cup.  She instructed me to send it to her and she would make something beautiful out of it.

A few weeks later I received a package in the mail.  Inside were heart shaped pins and a magnificent bracelet from the shards of that cup.  My heart swelled at the sight of such beauty made from brokenness.  I would be able to use his cup to adorn our daughters, his mother, and myself.  Our daughters wear their pins proudly, as does his mother.  Seldom do I wear the bracelet that someone does not comment on its unique beauty.  I tell them the story of where it came from and they are blessed by hearing of such a beautiful man, and I am blessed by the telling.

This has been an inspiration to me.  I know that as I look upon the shattered pieces of what is left of my life since the death of my husband, I can gather up the pieces, those beautiful pieces of a life shared, and hand them over to God and that He will make something beautiful again.  What used to be just a cup is now jewelry that adorns the lives of several women.  God does that; He multiplies beauty into new purposes and uses them like we never imagined.  He did not take the cup from me, but made it into something that could be shared.”


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  1. I would like to send some broken dishes of a friend of mine to this lady. My friend was devastated that all of her grand mothers china pieces that were on a shelf fell off and broke. She threw them away and I gathered them and would like to send some of the pieces to have jewelry made from them. I did not see a number or address on how to get this done.


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