The Continuing Struggle

In his book GOD: AS HE LONGS FOR YOU TO SEE HIM, Chip Ingram shares the following:

Because you are His child, God orchestrates or allows only the best possible results, by the best possible means, to accomplish the highest possible purpose, for the longest time, for the most people in and around your life.  Only God can make the wisest choice.

We get caught up in thinking we know what’s wisest because we get little windows into truth and life.  We jump to conclusions about what must be done.  Sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re completely wrong.  Unfortunately, we often put our hands on our hips and demand, ‘Hey, God, what about this situation?  What about that problem?  What about that person?  If You had only done this or prevented that, everything would be so much better!‘  Our arrogance is stunning.

We need to continually see ourselves in our proper place as creatures before our Creator.  A.W. Tozer said,

“All God’s acts are done in perfect wisdom, first for His own glory, and then for the highest good of the greatest number for the longest time.  All His acts are as pure as they are wise, and as good as they are wise and pure.  Not only could His acts not be better done: a better way to do them could not be imagined.”

I must admit that this is an area that I am continuing to struggle with and even in my dreams I struggle to understand how this could be God’s best for me.


2 responses

  1. Oh, Candy! That is so insightful, and right on the button! Wow! Thank-you for sharing this. I have read some of AW Tozer, but I get bogged down and overwhelmed. This, put in your context, really makes sense. Or at least I am in a different walk of life than when I would have tried to read his works before. Thank-you!


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