Life is Like a Car

The moment our husband leaves this earth, the steering wheel is snatched out of his hands.  We grab the steering wheel trying to turn  it this way and that, but the steering column has been disconnected.  And, at that point when the one we love has flown away from us,we simply don’t care if our car moves anymore.

But there comes a time later on when we must take the place of our husband in the driver’s seat, turn on the engine and begin to slowly step on the gas pedal.  Life is like the car and we’re the driver, but God is the steering column now and must do the steering.  And He can’t steer unless we get moving again.

2 responses

  1. Candy-
    I loved this because it is just what I have been going through. Little issues I can handle but the big ones where I need someone to steer or the really unpleasant “this is for my husband” issues still throw me. Prayer helps tremendously but these types of problems that I have no one to turn to still bring me so down. That’s when I have to toughen up and deal. It still hurts so much even after 3 years. Thanks for addressing all of these issues- it helps.


    • I’m in my car right behind you, Carol. You’re just a little further down the road than I am. It’s a hard drive, isn’t it, but our husbands are up there “in the balcony” cheering us on. That’s what keeps me going.


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