Waiting on the Porch

“Heaven is a destiny so grand that we madly live all our lives outside its gates on the porch of hope…..waiting to touch the treasure that is ours inside.”

 Calvin Miller, Home with the Lord/August 19, 2012

2 responses

  1. This really touched me today. I have been so sad the last few days. Someone mentioned Hawaii the other day and it got me thinking of all the places Kevin and I wanted to visit. Hawaii was at the top of our list, then Niagara Falls, Savannah, GA (went there for a conference and loved it, so wanted to take Kevin there), etc.
    It hit me the other day that we were never going to get to go to Hawaii or any other place now. I cried off and on all week about it. Then I read this quote this morning and it dawned on me that the place we most wanted to go…Kevin is already there waiting on me. I still wish he would have waited a little while, but it is comforting to know that he’s not waiting on the porch any more. He never was very good at waiting 🙂


    • Being from the South, I just loved the picture of sitting on the porch waiting on heaven. My husband, parents and I used to sit on the porch either rocking in a chair or swinging in the porch swing while visiting together. So that picture always evokes warm feelings in my heart. To think that I’m now waiting on the porch with Jesus! Thank you for continuing to read and share your heart as you journey through such fresh grief, Vicky.


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