Reactions to Grief

There are several ways that a widow can react to grief.

1.  Run from it as fast as you can

2.  Reach for your car keys

3.  Reach for a plane ticket

4.  Reach for a pill

5.  Reach for a bottle

6.  Allow grief to completely paralyze you

7.  Resist grief by either complaining or shaking your fist at it

8.  Become passive to grief (this is the worst reaction you can have)

What is the right reaction to grief?  To have an attitude of acceptance with a view to growth so that your grief journey isn’t in vain.

Grief produces perseverance – the ability to stay with it and not completely fall apart.

Perseverance produces character – That quality of being approved and of passing the test.  When a prospector has his one sample tested by the assayer, the sample isn’t the important thing.  The assayer’s report is the important thing because it says whether or not the sample is gold.  If the sample is gold, then the prospector is rich.  The approval from the test opens up a whole mine of gold far more valuable than the sample.

Character produces hope – The confidence in the future knowing that God can handle whatever lies ahead.


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