How to Enlist Grief

Since you can’t possibly run from grief even though you may try, ask God to enlist your grief and make it work for you and not against you.  How do you do this?

1.   Accept Your Loss – Acceptance does not mean resignation.  Acceptance is active cooperation with God’s plan.  If you aren’t yet
willing to accept your loss, ask God to make you willing to be made willing.  Grief can either consume you or refine you.

2.  Surrender What God Has Given You Back To Him – Place your pain on the altar as an act of worship.

3.  Be Still and Listen For God’s Still Small Voice – It may take you coming to the end of yourself before this can happen, but I can almost 100% guarantee you that there will come a point in your life where you just cannot do grief alone any longer.

4.  Make the Decision to Live to Glorify God as a Widow


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