Acceptance or Resignation?

In his book LOOKING UP WHEN LIFE GETS YOU DOWN, Warren Wiersbe shares:

“Acceptance of suffering is not the same as resignation.  Acceptance is part of the “fighting back”.  We are saying to the Lord, “I accept this challenge!  You and I will turn this suffering into a servant, not a master.”

Resignation is a passive thing; it’s the signal that we’ve given up.  But acceptance is active; it’s the signal that we are trusting God to give us the grace we need to turn seeming tragedy into triumph.”


2 responses

  1. This is very meaningful to me where I am right now, Candy. I think I’ve been resigned to Ed’s death, feeling like just giving up, passive—not able to move or care if I move forward or not—but in the past few days I’ve been more accepting and have felt a little tug of desire to move forward. It feels like a door opening up just a tiny crack and a sliver of sunshine peeking through. Thank you for sharing from the books that have been meaningful to you. I’ve read many of them now and they have been very helpful.


    • I know that I felt passive about Bob’s death for a long time, but I am into acceptance now. I realize that he is not coming back and I’ve got to do something with the life that I have now without him. Thank you for reading and for commenting, Janet.


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