Taste and See

Psalm 38:4  “Open your mouth and taste (use all of your senses), open your eyes and see (perceive, recognize, discern, & understand)
how good God is.  Blessed are you who run to Him (who puts their trust, confidence, and hope in God.)

God called my husband to come up higher.  Now, as a widow, God has called me to taste and see that He is good.

As I look back on my life, I am easily able to taste and see that the Lord has been very good to me.  Perhaps this is what is meant in the saying of their being joy in the midst of sorrow.  There’s the joy of all of the wonderful memories that I have, yet now there is sorrow that there will be no new memories made with my husband.

During the early years of grief, however, the goodness of God is harder to see.  But this is my purpose now – to open my mouth and taste; open my eyes and see just how good God is.  The only way I can do this is to put my trust, confidence and complete hope in God.  Hard?  Yes!  But, what do I have to lose?  Most importantly, what do I have to gain by doing this!

I will be offline for a little while.  So, there will be no daily blog posts from Reflections From My Porch Swing.


One response

  1. Candy, I love your posts and will miss them while you are offline. I also pay extra attention when I see you posts elsewhere. I admire your spiritual depth and know you acknowledge you are a work in progress. As I have expressed before, I do not feel I always fit in in any group. But I align many thoughts with those you express. I am interested in obeying God by taking every thought captive. Even those about the loss of my husband. I am choosing nowadays to find the positive happy memories to relive, to speak aloud to God when I am lonely or sad and to cherish the special love my children and grandchildren have and express for their Pops. For now, that is sufficient. Take comfort my friend, you are a comfort to me.


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