The Widow Opportunity

Widowhood is an opportunity given to me for God to do something in my life.  Now its admittedly easy for us to feel helpless and defeated and believe that we have to survive by our own strength – especially in the first two years after the loss of our husband.  We may even find ourselves seeking relief from grief in the wrong places.  To see myself as a victim is to displace God in my life.

My faith has been greatly tested as has been my devotion and obedience to Christ.  Through all of my questions, however, I chose to hang onto God and not turn my back on Him.   All kinds of wrong attitudes have been raised to the surface giving me the opportunity to deal with them and giving God the opportunity to sift, sand and sculpt me in this purification process.

Through it all God has demonstrated His love for me even in those darkest of times when I could not feel His presence.  I look back on these first years and can see how He orchestrated every moment of the packing, listing, and quick sale of two homes with property; how He had a new home built a year before my husband died and kept anyone from buying it until I needed it because it was almost exactly the kind of home I had been praying for; how He had the perfect personal financial adviser in place to lead me and guide me not only through the after death process but for the days ahead……………there are just so many ways He has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate His love for me.

The question now is am I willing for God to accomplish His purpose in my life  in order to equip me for all that He has left for me?  If so, what must I believe in order to be able to continue walking through this grief process triumphantly and respond to it wisely?

I must believe that God is in control.

I must believe that God has a specific purpose for my life.

I must believe that God is able to demonstrate through my life perseverance under pressure.

I must believe that God will use my grief to develop Christ-likeness in me and make me into the woman that He designed me to be.

I must believe that my grief will help me to measure my spiritual maturity in order to see where I am in my spiritual growth.

I must believe that God is walking with me not only in my grief, but for the rest of my days here on this earth.

I must believe that by God’s grace and power, I AM going to make it without my husband.

The most important thing in my life is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I have a choice to either walk alone or to walk with Christ.  A widow without Christ has no hope.  A widow with Christ has the only true, ultimate, unchanging, eternal friend carrying her when she needs it and walking beside her when she is able to walk.  In this Friend’s outstretched hands is not only the gift of eternal life but eternal HOPE.

If you are a widow and have accepted Christ as your own personal Savior, are you willing to take this opportunity of widowhood in order for God to equip and accomplish His purpose in your life?

If you are a widow and have never accepted Christ, are you willing to do that now?  If so, I would love to share with you how you can do that.

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  1. I find few posts specific for those of us who’ve lost our wives to the next life but the Spirit reminded me as I read through this that we ALL are called to God’s purpose wherever we are in this life’s journey. Thank you for following your calling to share the inspirational words of Dr. Stanley.


    • Steve, you are so right. God was not taken by surprise when we lost our spouses and knew we were going to be faced with this time in our lives that is so hard. Our purpose is to draw as close to the Shepherd as we can now as He leads us through. Thank you for taking the time to read and to share your thoughts.


  2. My husband passed from this life 12 days ago. I crying in bed when I found this – with our two dogs trying to comfort me. I was greatly encouraged by the hope I read in these lines. Thank you.


    • Glynis, oh how very sorry I am for the just recent loss of your husband. This is a club that no woman ever wants to join. It’s been 6 1/2 years now since I lost my husband Bob and I can tell you that through it all God is faithful and has not left me nor forsaken me. I am so thankful you found hope in reading this blog post.


    • Anna, I am so deeply sorry for your great loss. It has only been a few months and you are still in shock and what we call “widow fog”. Take your time in your grief. Don’t allow anyone to tell you how to grieve nor how long to grieve. Take good care of yourself and seek out a good grief counselor when you are ready. If you are able to read, I would suggest you get Miriam Neff’s book FROM ONE WIDOW TO ANOTHER and Ferree Hardy’s book POSTCARDS FROM THE WIDOWS PATH. Just keep taking it one moment at a time. Looking ahead right now is too painful and too difficult. Only make decisions that you must.


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