Looking Forward – One Day at a Time

Another new year.  I find it amazing that I have been able to live without my husband for a little over three years now when in 36+ years of marriage we had never been apart for any longer than a week.  I have to give God all the credit because without Him in my life, I could not have survived and for this long.

For a very long time I struggled to figure out what my purpose is in this life now.  I found it very frustrating and after a time, I decided that for me, it is best to simply take life one day at a time and not worry about “trying” to set goals and get my life as a widow neatly arranged.  Each day brings its challenges.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days are more emotional with grief triggers that still come out of nowhere.

One of my aunts said it best in an email that she wrote to me.  She said:

“And now we look forward to whatever God has planned for us knowing that He will lead us through it.”

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    • Kathy, I never thought about “my purpose” when I was married. So, why should I concern myself with “my purpose” now. I would have to say that my purpose has changed from wife to widow. Much easier for me just to live one day at a time. Thank you for continuing to read and comment.


  1. Thank you, dear Candy. You are so right. We need to just live each day giving thanks and glory to God. He will let us know what He has planned for us in His good time. Happy New Year to all of my widowed sisters.



  2. Searching for my “purpose” is something I have struggled ever since Art passed away. Like you, during our 43+ years of marriage and ministry together I never wondered what my purpose was. I knew it was loving and supporting my husband. I am learning, like you, to take one day at a time. If God has some specific “purpose” in mind for me, He will reveal it in His time.


    • Hi Joy. I know that after we lost our husbands one of the things we were told was to find our purpose, but I believe now that it is not something we can “find”, but something that we grow into. Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.


  3. I like what your aunt said, Candy. We do have to plan ahead for some things or they won’t happen, but I very much agree that we need to deal with each day as it comes, letting God lead us through it and showing us what needs to be done just for that day, which ultimately will take us down the path He has for us. It takes the pressure off of having to discover what our purpose is.


  4. I so appreciate your thoughts on this Candy…And I always read your posts, and find them so helpful, even though I don’t often comment. Thank you for taking the time to write ! Happy New Year, and I pray it’s a good one for you.


  5. CAtching up on some of your recent posts: timely, beautiful and full of wisdom as always! I especially appreciated the message you conveyed in this post, that we don’t have to figure it out. I’m sure the Lord will not let us miss His plan for each of us and will reveal it when He knows we are ready. All of this is preparation time that we will be able to see plainly when we look back. However, I believe with all my heart, that you, my friend, are already living that plan as you share your life, struggles and victories with us through your wonderful writing gift and the sharing of other writers who have blessed you. Thank you for being obedient to that calling whether you see it that way or not. You bless us! Thank you! And Happy New Year to you and the community here, Candy. I know God has beautiful plans for all of us!


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