Scenery of Life After Loss

“The scenery of my life is different now, as different as the desert is from the mountains.  But it can still be beautiful, as beautiful as the desert at dusk.”  Jerry Sittser/A GRIEF DISGUISED

6 responses

    • There are times when the scenery is beautiful, Lynn……such as watching my daughters/sons-in-law/grandchildren’s loving interaction with each other at Christmas and thinking how very, very proud Bob would have been of them all now.


  1. this is a beautiful way to look at our new life. Things have changed with the loss of my husband who was my best friend. It left a huge empty place in my heart yet there can be joy in looking at the new blessings God is putting in my life.


    • Those new blessings are hard to see for awhile, Nola, because our grief is so great. But, I’m finding that slowly they become more apparent. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to make a comment.


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